Achint – Sports , Fitness and Social Skills ,Age Group 5- 15 years

The vision of this project is to kindle the interest of children on the spectrum in play and leisure skills as well as build group skills and social skills.

  • Improving Play skills – Out door and Indoor play and Fitness  levels
  • Discovering the interests and abilities of the child to develop Leisure skills
  • Children learn Group skills like following group instructions , Imitation and Joint attention
  • Children learn social interaction skills like initiating and maintaining contact ,turn taking and  communication
  • Helping the child with behavior regulation and learning Socially appropriate behaviors
  • Complement the learning process of the child and help the child to participate in the community
  • Parent Empowerment
  • Pioneering program of its kind for children on the spectrum [where skill training isi offered on a regular basis]
  • Sports , Movement , Art ,Music and Drama techniques are used  to help achieve objectives
  • Add on program , after school  and complements other interventions
  • 45 minute ,1-1 sessions for specific skill development  , Group sessions twice a week
  • Summer camps focusing on these areas every year in April – May [one month duration]
  • Over 20 students have benefitted
  • Improved engagement levels , communication and fitness in all our students at home and school .
  • Students able to perform better in group situations outside like classroom , play , group classes
  • Students able to behave better in social situations and Public places