Training and Capacity Building programs

Autism is an area where success of an intervention program depends on the techniques and strategies used to teach which may be unique to each student.

  • Teaching parents and professionals the Best practices that work for Autism
  • Teaching parents and professionals Technology based interventions and solutions that help the students learn and perform better
  • Bringing awareness about new and innovative techniques to parent and professionals
  • Creating quality training programs that can be done @ Amaze premises or elsewhere
  • Building the Capacity of the Autism Community  so students with Autism have the benefit of empowered teachers and parents
  • “Understanding and teaching your child with Autism “a 4 day Intensive Training Course which covers the basic practices and teaching strategies while working with  a student who  has   Autism  .The class this interactive and  Real time examples are discussed through videos .Participants learn to indentify the learning styles of the  students and  plan the Learning process to suit each student
  • “Technology based intervention “  using the Computer , iPad and Assistive technology tools  and AAC for Autism  .this training course can be done from 1- 3 day .The course is updated each time for new innovations in the field and is interactive and has hands on practical learning opportunity.
  • “Understanding Communication in Autism “ – Structured and Unstructured strategies to build basic Communication skills in children with Autism .This course is focused on helping the participants learn strategies and techniques to improve communication in a student with Autism  .Includes an Overview of PECS  , VB , Drama and Play based techniques
  • “Parent empowerment and training programs “ are designed specifically to empower parents to start supporting their wards using a positive approach and to help them plan their interventions and trouble shoot specific issues they may be facing.
  • Programs can be tailor made for a particular group of participants
  • Training programs are designed and led by Akila Vaidyanathan , Founder, Director AMAZE who has over 16 years of experience with Autism ,
  • Amaze capacity building programs have benefitted over  100   parents and professionals
  • Workshop on “Reattach Therapy “   by Paula Barthelomeow, Netherlands was conducted @AMAZE, 4- 6 Sept 2014, 30 persons attended the free workshop.
  • Velvi ART for Autism FESTIVAL 22-24Jan 2015 was conducted by AMAZE @Karl Kubel Institute, Coimbatore .Over 100 persons benefitted including parents, professionals and students on the Spectrum. Resource persons : Dr Parasuram Ramamoorthi – Chairperson Velvi Trust Madurai  -DRAMA Therapy , Ms Shaloo Sharma – Head Pallavanjali , Gurgaon  -ART Therapy , Ms Zill Botadkar  – Director , Lighthouse, Mumbai  – CREATIVE DANCE/MOVEMENT  Therapy , Mr. Somesh Pourey ,The Music Therapy Trust , Delhi  – MUSIC-therapy , Dr Rebecca Lytle and Ms Josie Blagrave , California State University , Chico- KINESIOLOGY